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"I was fit in high school and college but my new career doesn’t allow for much physical activity.  New Year’s Resolution:  Revamp my unhealthy lifestyle.  My roommate and I decided to make fitness and health changes; the only difference was, I also included treatments at Amazing Light.  My roommate couldn’t believe the transformation I was experiencing while his results were minimal.  I’m down 13.5 inches overall and I’ve found my ab muscles.  BTW ... my roommate is now an Amazing Light client.  Ask about their referral program (and tell them I referred you! LOL). Summer ... here I come!"

~ Mitch Roelke — Lives in Chicago, but Waunakee is HOME



"I have struggled with severe acne since middle school. My Mom heard about Amazing Light from my aunt and we decided to give it a try. Wow! My skin is so much better! The redness is gone and the scars look so much better too! And it's so awesome to lay under the lights! It feels like your laying in the sun (even though I've been told that the lights have no UV rays like the sun and are super safe)! I am SO glad that my aunt and mom found this answer for me! My skin gets better every day! Thank you Amazing Light, you're lights are truly amazing and I am truly grateful!"

~Tessa - Waunakee WI

"I went from size 12 to size 8 with this light therapy! The staff encouraged me when I reached a plateau."

~Pam H. - Waunakee WI

"My skin is tighter and smoother . . . very happy!"

~Misty L.. - Waunakee WI

"What a Difference a Month Makes! My pants were too tight and the scale was at an all-time high so I decided to try Amazing Light. After 5 treatments and following the protocol of hydration, compression and supplements, I’m down 2 pant sizes and 21 lbs. I was impressed with the immediate results of this relaxing fat loss program. Thank you Amazing Light and staff. You are AMAZING."

~Rick P. — Medford, Wisconsin

“In addition to the fat loss, note the significant skin rejuvenation - both smoothing and tightening!"

"Note the measured losses of inches and fat volume.”

“Amazing skin rejuvenation around the eyes and forehead!"


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