Fat Reduction:  Red Light Therapy (PhotoTherapy) is the only SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and NON-INVASIVE procedure approved by the FDA for immediate fat loss.  Made in America by developers at NASA, this patented technology stimulates the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell, which causes the cell to create transitory pores in the cell wall.  These openings allow the fatty acids and triglycerides to be released into the interstitial space between the cells.  The lymphatic system then drains the liberated fat cell contents which are processed by the liver for detoxification.  The pores on the fat cell wall will close in about 48-72 hours and the liberated contents will be expelled in the patient’s stool and urine over the next few days.    

Skin Rejuvenation:  First approved by the FDA for skin rejuvenation, PhotoTherapy delivers tighter and smoother skin by adding new collagen and elastin fibers.  Think of your skin like a tightly-woven screen that over time gets stretched out and begins to get holes in it.  Our PhotoTherapy re-tightens the skin and builds collagen and elastin to fill in those holes, making the skin tighter and smoother.  It also greatly minimizes redness and brown pigment on the skin caused by aging and other environmental factors, and is also very effective in treating acne.  Our PhotoTherapy has NO damaging UV rays, so it only does good things to make your skin more beautiful!

We are the only FDA approved fat loss device in Risk Group 1 (same risk group as a tongue depressor).  There is no pain, no cutting, no needles, and no downtime.  Unlike energy-based technologies that kill fat cells with freezing, radio waves, or ultrasound cavitation, our PhotoTherapy technology does not destroy your fat cells; it only causes them to release their contents.  With our PhotoTherapy, results are immediate, unlike competitors that require several months to see results.  

The PhotoTherapy will do its part, but you also need to follow our protocol to help your body process and eliminate the liberated fat cell contents.  Our protocol is not difficult!  You need to stay hydrated - drink at least 64 ounces of water daily.  Take our recommended supplements to boost your liver function and detoxify.  Limit your alcohol consumption.  Maintain a calorie-neutral lifestyle, which means balancing consumption with activity level.  And we ask that you move for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily to help flush the fat out of your system.  We want you to use your PhotoTherapy success to jumpstart lifestyle changes to maintain and improve your health and body image for years to come!

No.  Do not use if pregnant or trying to become pregnant, have active cancer, have compromised liver function or photo-sensitive conditions like Lupus or medications that cause photosensitivity.  You must be at least 18 years of age.  

A study in the Journal of Obesity Surgery researched red light therapy for body contouring.  This 2011 double-blind, randomized study performed light therapy at 635-680 nanometers (same as used at Amazing Light) on participants for four weeks and recorded effects on the waistline.  At the end of the study, participants had achieved a statistically significant reduction in waistline girth.  The girth loss from the waist gave clinically and statistically significant cosmetic improvement. 

In a similar study published in Lasers in Surgery Medicine, participants who received light therapy showed a significant reduction in overall circumference, including each part of the body where light therapy was used.

A 2013 study in the same journal also found benefits from red light therapy at 635nm for contouring the hips, thighs and waist.  At the end of the trial, researchers found a mean loss of 2.99 inches in overall body size compared to the starting point.  Separately, the thigh, waist, and hip areas all showed a reduction in fat.  Researchers concluded that red light therapy at this level and wavelength was safe and clinically effective.



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