What are dermal fillers and how do they change the appearance of skin aging?

Restoring Your Youthful Look

Amazing Light Clinic offers many ways to help you regain a more youthful appearance. When it comes to the face, two very popular – and very safe – types of dermal (i.e., skin) treatments are most commonly used:

  • Dermal products that reduce fine-muscle movement
  • Dermal products that add filler

In our professional opinion, the dermal products that provide the best, most consistent results are Botox® and Xeomin® for reducing fine-muscle movement, and Restylane® and RADIESSE® dermal fillers.

All dermal products used at Amazing Light Clinic are FDA-approved and have excellent safety profiles. Our staff takes the time to explain the options available, then recommend the best option for you based on your goals.

Have you noticed yourself looking grumpy or angry in your pictures? Are you seeing lines and wrinkles around your eyes or on your forehead? You may be the perfect candidate for Botox or Xeomin treatments.

Unwanted lines and wrinkles can appear as we age from squinting and frowning. Botox and Xeomin are prescription medications that are injected into specific muscles of the face to inhibit muscle activity that causes repeated contractions (squinting and frowning).

Regardless of which you choose, Botox or Xeomin treatments are completed in about 15 minutes with minimal pain. Most patients experience minimal pain or downtime after the procedure. The results of a treatment begin to take place after a few days and may take up two to three weeks to take full effect. Most patients enjoy a subtle softening or elimination of their lines resulting in a youthful and relaxed appearance. Depending on the number of units used and the strength of your facial muscles, you can expect the effects of a treatment to last approximately three to five months.

RADIESSE is a gel-based wrinkle filler most often used to plump the skin of the face around the cheeks, nose, and mouth, but it is also approved for use on the back of the hand. Unlike other products that act as a filler, Radiesse contains no hyaluronic acid (HA). Using a mineral naturally found in human bones and teeth, calcium-based microspheres fill areas under the skin that have lost collagen, restoring a healthier, more youthful appearance. These microspheres stimulate the body to begin creating more collagen. Over time, they are absorbed into the cells of the body, leaving the natural collagen behind. Because it encourages growth of natural collagen, for many patients RADIESSE can last a year or more.

During treatment, RADIESSE is administered just under the skin with a very fine needle. It is FDA-approved to contain a small amount of an anesthetic to minimize the discomfort of the injection.


Restylane dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural sugar manufactured by the body to help the skin stay full and smooth. Sugars attract moisture, which is how HA keeps the skin hydrated. While all fillers are temporary in their effect, Restylane fillers last from six to 16 months. However, getting regular treatments of Restylane fillers has a cumulative effect, with users reporting their skin still looks and feels smooth and refreshed even as the effects are diminishing ahead of the next treatment.

The Restylane family of products are designed to be used individually or together. The Amazing Light Staff will recommend the best product or combination of products to help you achieve the look you desire.


Restylane is the original HA filler and has been used tens of millions of times across the world. Typically used to fill in around the eyes and mouth, Restylane can also be used to achieve fuller, plumper lips. Restylane treatments typically last six to 12 months.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk gets its name from being a lighter, softer product. This makes it ideal for use with thin lips and “smokers’ lines” around the mouth. Restylane Silk treatments typically last 12 to 16 months.

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